♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ Batman… okay. Oh my gosh. Batman.

Wait, I’m gonna play a Batman game? This is gonna be so awesome! Arkham Knight?! Heck yeah! This game has literally been my life for the past week. I love this game.

I know he’s a DC character, so as someone who’s a Marvel’s fan, that puts me a little bit at odds but I’ll get over it. Where’s the controller? I wanna play it.

♪ (Frank Sinatra, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”) ♪ It’s Sinatra, right? ♪ (music continues) ♪ Is this real life? Or is it all graphics? ♪ I’ve got you ♪ – I like the song – ♪ Under my skin ♪ (controller vibrates loudly) Oh, snap! ♪ Deep in the heart ♪ Are we in the Bat Cave?

Joker? Is this Joker? ♪ I’ve got you… ♪ Are they– (gasps) They’re burning him! In my opinion, one of the coolest ways to start off this game. What is this? Ew, what’s the point of that?

♪ In spite of a warning voice ♪ Oh my gosh. Is that the Joker? It’s the Joker. (squealing) Ew, he’s so scary! So they’re cremating Joker. Is he dead?

He’s not dead, right? He’s going to open his eyes right now. Why are they showing me this?

This is, like, creepy. (laughs) Just Joker in a crematorium. Like, whoa.

(Finebros) Try pushing some buttons. – ♪ I’ve got you ♪ – (laughs) – ♪ Before I begin ♪ – Oh, snap! I’m burning Joker.

Fire! Fire. We must keep the fire going. Okay, sorry– I’m reading Lord of the Flies right now. (flames whoosh) Batman!

(as narrator) This is how it happened. (narrator) This is how the Batman died. What? Oh, that intro! Whoa.

This is Gotham City! (narrator) Nine months ago, Joker was cremated. I pressed the button and burnt the evil bastard myself. I love the atmosphere.

It’s just so good. (narrator) We waited. Dude, the graphics are so cool.

Dude, the graphics are amazing, man. (narrator) Crime actually fell. Deep down, I knew war was coming. Dun, dun, duh! (narrator) I was just waiting for someone to pull the trigger. Uh-oh.

If you look, the cop’s gonna walk in there. If you look at the right, Sefton Hill, who’s the director of the game, is gonna walk out right there. Ooh, hey! ‘Sup? Wait, why am I the cop? (coffee sloshes) (gasps) Okay, I’m playing.

I am in a diner. Hey, look! That guy has a Batman face.

What? (in game: laughter) (customer) I thought Batman was supposed to be tough! I feel like something bad is going to happen. (in game) Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt your dinner, Officer, uh… Owens.

But there’s a guy smoking over there, in the corner booth. Sabotage! I don’t care if he’s smoking. Let him smoke. (Owens) I’ll have a word.

Get my fancy hat. It’s Halloween. No wonder he’s wearing a– Oh, it all makes sense. I thought this town was just crazy.

Let’s go take care of the smoking dude. Oh, I’m scared. He’s gonna be someone scary. “Confront the smoking customer.” This guy.

Right? He doesn’t even look like he’s smoking. Wait, what’s in his bag and smoking and stuff? Yo, uh, buddy. (Owens) Excuse me, sir? (reading along) “There’s no smoking in here.”

He’s not even smoking. – (in game: growl) – (shrieks) (in game: growl) What? – (in game: growl) – (shrieks) I knew it! I knew it. Yo, get your gun!

Get your gun. It’s such an epic way to start off this game. What? Okay, everything’s exploding? Um… why?

What’s happ– every– oh! Jesus Christ! What? What the [bleep]?

Like, what is this? Is this like a zombie apocalypse happening right now? Is this the zombie apocalypse? How do I stab? What’s the stab button? [Bleep]!

Shoot! What’s going on? Well, that escalated quickly. I have a gun.

I don’t know what to do and I– (gunshot) Am I playing? Oh, okay. Damn, it’s like all hell just broke loose right now.

(gun fire) Oh, I am doing that. I am doing that. (gun fire) Get off of them. What’s going on? – (people scream in panic) – Stop it! – (creature growls) – Stop it!

You meanie. Please spare me. – (creature growls) – Oh!

Oh! Oh! – (Owens screams) – Okay. I’m dead.

Did I fail? Okay, no, I didn’t fail. – (reporter) Suddenly became embroiled– – Oh, I’m sweating. (Scarecrow) This demonstration used just five ounces of my latest toxin. It was a chemical weapon attack. (Scarecrow) This would seem like child’s play… Scarecrow!

He’s back. (Scarecrow) Gotham… this is your only warning. I don’t know who that is. Who is that?

Scarecrow’s design is so good in this game. I’m assuming I have to stop that guy. (flatly) Aah. (in game: pandemonium) Um… (cop) Next bus! Dang, they’re evacuating already. And just like that, everything changed.

(narrator) Yesterday, there were 6.3 million people in Gotham City. That’s a lot of people. (narrator) Today? Not so many. – (car alarm blares) – It’s empty.

(cocks trigger) (gun blast) Ouch. Wait, who shot him? Was that Two-Face?

(narrator) The only people left on the streets are the sorts – that enjoy the chaos. – (maniacal chuckling) (Penguin) Gotham’s Finest. Two-Face?

Penguin? – (narrator) Scum. – Yes! ♪ (gothic classical music) ♪ Oh my gosh! (sucks air through teeth) (exhales) (narrator) It took just 24 hours for us to lose control of the city. – Tonight… – (sighs) ..Gotham’s relying on one man to save us all.

Batman? (gruff voice) I’m Batman. (laughs) Bat-Signal.

Wait, who’s casting the Bat-Signal right now? The Bat-Signal, from James Gordon if I’m correct. Ooh, there he is.

He’s up there. He’s so buff. Just look at the rain effects.

You can see it on his suit. He’s just so, so good. As a fan, you cannot ask for more. I am Batman. Okay, what do I do? “Meet Commissioner Gordon by the Bat-Signal on the GCPD rooftop.”

I can glide? I can fly! Let’s do an Assassin’s Creed dive right here… and then we’re gonna just– oh my god. It’s so good! (impressed) Ooh!

Look at him go. Oh! Oh no! No, I have no idea what to do.

I should not have jumped from a high place. R1, grapple. (fires grappling hook) Whee! – (fires grappling hook) – (gasps) What did I do? (giggles) Whoa.

(fires grappling hook) This is awesome. I’m just like… (gruff voice) I’m Batman. I’m pretty sure I should go to that exclamation point, right? Let’s go to the GCT– GCPD building. Let’s talk to Jim Gordon. (Gordon) I’m just glad you made it out okay.

Is he talking to his daughter? (Gordon) Stay safe, Barbara. Barbara, AKA Oracle. Is he a police officer? (Batman) How’s the evacuation going?

Kevin Conroy. Kevin Conroy. Amazing Batman voice. (Gordon) I’m just glad my little girl got out when she did.

(Batman) Any lead on Scarecrow? (Gordon) We were tracking an unknown military vehicle speeding through China Town. Oh, snap.

(Batman) Tell your men not to engage. I’ll deal with it. – He’s Batman.

He’s got it. – (Gordon) You realize Scarecrow’s crazy enough to detonate a chemical weapon in Gotham? (Batman) I won’t let that happen, Jim. Because I’m Batman. (Batman) In case you need to reach me. – It’s going to be a long night.

– It’s gonna be a long night. Is that a special Bat Phone? Batman’s like, “Don’t worry, Jim. I’ll take care of it.”

(dispatcher) Missing patrol car! Suspected officer down. – (walkie-talkie static) – (Gordon) Hey, Batman?

He’s gone. (laughs) Oh, Batman. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s how you make an exit. Sneak away like the mysterious Batman I am. (gadget whirs) – (Batman) Oracle– – That’s Oracle?

Hey, Oracle. – (Oracle) Already working on it. – That’s so sick. (Oracle) I’m sending through the squad car’s location. Be careful.

It’s not looking good out there. Oracle, I think was Batgirl. Basically, everything’s in chaos. “Target detail: rescue the missing police officer.”

– R. – (grappling hook fires) (imitates grappling hook) Batman. Go towards the green exclama– – (man grunts) – (gasps) No, what’d I do? I-I killed someone.

Oh, [bleep]. Oh, [bleep]. Oh, [bleep].

I don’t wanna be here! I don’t wanna be here! Help, help, help! (laughs) (fires grappling hook) To the Bat-Signal! Illuminati.

(thug) Dent’s planning something big. (thug cackles) So we’re gonna save this dude? (officer groans) No, please! (thug) This ain’t your city anymore. I got this.

(thug cackles and grunts) What do I do? Strike? No, no, no!

No, no, no. Okay. – (punches land) – Oh my gosh. Wait, L2?

– L2. – (Batman grunts) [Bleep]. – (growls) – (thugs grunt) (Batman grunts, punches land) Aw man, I’m beating the crap out of people. Why are they coming at me one by one? That’s what I want to know. That seems like the most ineffective way to try to beat someone ever.

I’m gonna break your face! Like, just look at the combat. Look at how smooth… This combat system was so good that they decided to use it for a bunch of other games.

(Batman grunts) No, don’t! I’m gonna get you. Square! Hell yeah, look at me. I’m so bad ass.

Now what? What does the triangle do again? (Finebros) Triangle is your counter-attack.

So counter when you see blue? I just have to follow the instructions on the screen. (thug) I’m gonna bust you up, Batman! Triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle. No, that’s not it. That’s a circle.

That’s a circle. (decisively) That is a circle. There we go! (thug grunts, punches land) Ooh, dang.

(thug grunts) Get him. Get the [bleep] outta my face! Hell yeah. (squeals) Bam. (thug) You’re gonna die here, Batman! That guy tried to sneak up on me, but no one sneaks on the Batman!

Hello there, citizen. Tis I, Batman. – (Batman) You’re safe. – Let me help you. – (officer) Thanks, Batman.

– You’re safe. (officer) I thought they were gonna kill me. (vehicle accelerates) Ooh my god!

And I just saved the dude. (Batman) Stay here. I’ll send someone to pick you up. (officer) What are you doing? – (Batman) Evening the odds. – Oh, snap!

(warbling noises) Whoa! What does that mean? What do you mean, “Even the odds”? Oh my. Where are you going? What’s going on?

(car zooms in) This is the Batmobile! (car zooms in) – (tires squeal) – The Batmobile! The legend in itself.

(sighs) There she is in all of her beauty. And you better get used to it ’cause about 65% of this game is in the Batmobile. (Oracle) A squad car has picked up the pursuit. I’m relaying its location now. (intrigued) Ooh! (revs engine) That’s a sick-ass car.

It’s every kid’s dream to control the Batmobile, you know? All right, dude. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Oh gosh, do I have to drive this now?

Oh shoot, do I have to drive this thing?! (engine revs) Wait, I don’t see a green checkpoint. Oh, wait, am I supposed to follow this? (officer) Who the hell are these guys?!

(dispatcher) 56, pull back now. That’s an order. (nervously) Ooh!

(dispatcher) Let Batman deal with this. He just flipped that cop car. What is that guy’s problem? I am not good at racing games. Oh, snap.

Okay, they need to die. I think he’s dead. I’m not sure. He should’ve listened to Jim Gordon. I’m gonna crash into everything.

I’m gonna cause the city more damage by driving than the thugs are by trying to actually destroy the city. (officer) Keep on their tail! Crap, I made a wrong turn.

Ooh, I can run over people. (laughs) Hell yeah. This is so cool. I’m exploring the city in a Batmobile. (engine revs) Okay, I don’t know why I can’t drive straight. I’m gonna drive straight.

Drive straight. (engine revs) Okay, I got this. I got this. (officer) They’re getting away!

– (police siren wails) – No, they’re not. I got it. I got it. (gruffly) I got it! No, no!

I got it. This is pretty cool. He keeps getting me before I get to fire. (explosion) Batman! (Batman) That takes care of the vehicle. That was awesome.

– (Batman) Don’t worry, Jim. It’s mine. – There we go.

Okay, um… – (explosion) – Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! – (fires grappling hook) – Oh, that felt nice. (engine revs) I just wanna fire at the guy. (explosion) (sighs) (Batman) That takes care of the vehicle. – (pilot) ..a direct hit from an RPG. – How do I shoot?

X? No, that’s punch. Oh, circle, circle, circle! I circle you.

– (Batman) Don’t worry, Jim. He’s mine. – Take that circle! Yeah, they’re definitely not dead. Batman’s one rule: we’re not gonna kill anyone, but they’re dead.

But it’s okay. I can suspend my disbelief because it’s so awesome. And then we’re gonna come interrogate this dude. (thug grunts) (fire crackles) Tell me what you know. Dude, you think this is a game?

(Batman) Where’s Scarecrow? Christian Bale ain’t got nothing on Kevin Conroy’s interrogation. (Batman) Talk or I’ll crush every bone in your body. That’s true, I will.

(thug) He’s working out of a penthouse in China Town. I swear, that’s all I know! (Batman) If you’re lying, I’ll break the other one. – He’s gonna break– – (bone snaps) (thug screams) – (Batman) I’ll break the other one. – (thug) The other?

– (bone snaps) – (thug) Gaarrrgh! Okay, Batman. Yeah.

You do you, Batman. (gadget whirs) (Batman) Oracle, check the chemical analysis I’ve just uploaded. – Yup. This is Scarecrow’s fear gas. – (Oracle) You know what I think it is?

– (Batman) Scarecrow’s new toxin. – Yup. – (Oracle) What are you going to do? – Beat up bad guys. (Batman) Scarecrow’s got a safe house nearby. I’m going to pay him a visit.

All right, time to do this thing. (fires grappling hook) L1? No, that’s the Batmobile. Um… no, I didn’t want that. I wanted R1.

Grappling. Or maybe I should take the Batmobile, on second thought. R1, R1, R1, R1. L1. L1!

That’s what I want. I want to enter the Batmobile and go to Scarecrow’s place. We’re gonna do a little donut right here and then take off. (Batman) This is the place.

I should check the penthouse on the top floor. (militia 1) How long do we keep her in there? (militia 2) Until we get the order to gas her. (Poison Ivy) Do your worst.

The boredom is killing me. Poison Ivy, oh my gosh. Okay, penthouse. That’s up high, so let’s go up there. (helicopter flies in distance) Was that– “take down”. Yeah.

– (militia grunts) – Take him down! Uh, “take down”. (militia grunts) – (Poison Ivy) Look who it is. – Oh, [bleep]! Oh, [bleep]! Evade?

Evade? I don’t know. – Drop smoke. – (Poison Ivy) I’m surprised. Punch, punch, punch. Drop smoke pellet.

How do I– what? What do I do now? – (punches land) – I’m not gonna do that.

(militia yelps) Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. (militia groans) Nice. (in game: grunting) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! You punk. I got you too. There’s some for you, other punk.

Punk number two. Aww, did I die? I haven’t even made it past where they’re telling me what buttons to press and I’m dead. (Alfred) They will remember you, Master Bruce. I promise.

Your sacrifice will not be in vain. Okay, Batman… it’s time to actually kill people this time. All right, let’s smash your face in! – (electricity crackles) – So awesome! So sick.

(gun fire) (militia grunts) (giggles) I love the slow-mo thing. (Poison Ivy) The Bat’s made things a little more interesting. Oh, snap. He’s dead. (militia) Sir, it’s Batman.

He’s here. (gasps) Don’t tell him that, you snitch! (Scarecrow) Were you expecting to find me, Batman? Yes.

(Scarecrow) I’m afraid I must disappoint you. (militia) Listen up, Batfreak! We’re walking out of here. You try anything stupid, I’ll blow her brains out.

Dang! (Poison Ivy) Charming, but only one of us is getting out of this cell. Oh, damn.

(militia coughs) No! (gunfire) (coughing) No! What is happening? Oh, [bleep].

– (glass smashes) – Oh! Yeah! You go.

(Poison Ivy) Nothing like a little natural immunity. So if you don’t know, Scarecrow leaks some toxin. So the guy got all crazy and stuff, but she didn’t because she’s immune. Okay, let’s fight.

Ugh, look at her feet. They made her look really hot. That sure is a revealing outfit. (Poison Ivy) What are you doing here? She could be hot if she wasn’t a plant. Is that the word?

(Batman) Why did Scarecrow lock you up? Do they have history? It feels like they have history. (Poison Ivy) It started with the meeting.

– (Batman) What meeting? – (Poison Ivy) Everyone was there. Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler. Scarecrow said he had a plan, that together we could take you out and Gotham would be ours.

So why didn’t you accept? (Poison Ivy) I believe that was the idea. (scoffs) Oh damn. (Poison Ivy) I told him that I wasn’t interested in his pathetic human games, and when I came to, I was locked up in that room. She’s a little seductive, but she seems smart, so I’ll give her props for that. I can’t tell if I like her yet though.

(Poison Ivy) Nature always wins. Oh, snap. Batman, that was not smart of you, man. I don’t like her.

I just decided. I’m like… – (Poison Ivy sighs) – What now? What now, Poison Ivy?

Good job, Batman, you got out of it. (Poison Ivy) What’s wrong? – (explosion) – Oh, snap!

(vehicle approaches) A tank. I can handle you guys. (militia) Go, go, go! – Don’t move! – I’m the target.

What if I do move? I wanna move. I don’t want– (laughs) I don’t wanna be shot! Hold down. (militia) What a waste.

Uh, which one? Do I choose? I get to choose one?

Gotta use my Bat Powers to get my Batmobile. There we go. (engine revs) Hey there, buddy. Let’s go.

Oh my gosh! (Batcomputer) 16 millimeter cannon: operational. – (explosion) – Oh my gosh. (rapid gunfire) (Batcomputer) Riot suppressor: engaged. (humming to music) (tank engine revs) (explosion) – (Oracle) Batman, I’ve spotted six more… – Oh, snap!

I’m fighting. ..unmanned tanks moving to China Town. It says… L2 is battle mode. (gears whir) So, yeah, this is where it introduces you to 50% of this game, which is tank battles. It’s not bad, but there’s too much of this stuff. Missile… let’s take these guys out.

I’m trying to aim for the blue light thing. Slow motion means you– that’s the last guy. Yes. (explosion) Accuracy. I’m accurate. (grunts) – Matrix.

– (explosions) I am fighting these military weapon tanks, but there’s nobody in them, so it’s remote-controlled. And one-hit shots. – (explosion) – Ya.

Oop, there’s still one more. Dang it! Ooh! Oh, I’m loving this.

(rapid gunfire) Aaargh! (giggles) What am I doing? (explosion) I just was very confused by that whole battle thing. (gadget whirs) – (explosion) – How do people do this? (humming) Whoo.

Where are they? (clattering noises) This is stressful. No! No, no. Yeah.

– (car alarm blares) – (explosions) (grumbles) That’s so much pressure. Nope, no. (explosion) There’s no way I did it. (gasps) Oh no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah! (chuckles) No, no, no, no, no, no.

Okay, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How do I get more life? How do I get more? I’m freaking out.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? (explosion) Wait… no! Okay, I can do it. I’m not clueless anymore.

(explosion) (nervous gasp) Okay, okay, okay, okay. (groans) I’m so immersed in this game. It’s making me sweat. And I feel– ooh, that was fast.

I got too quick. I’m trying to avoid being in the target, but also I gotta shoot them. [Bleep], [bleep]! Okay, is there a safe spot where I can hide? You know, like… (grumbles) (sucks air through teeth) Stressful game!

Awesome. (exhales) One more. One more. Yeah, you’re gonna die. (singing) ♪ You’re gonna die. ♪ (explosion) Did I do it?!

That was record time. Follow the blue light. Ooh, all right. That’s not it.

– (alarms wail) – Wow. Oh, that’s cool. (Batman) We need to leave.

(Poison Ivy) The master of understatement, as ever. It’s a ride. You’re welcome for defeating all those boys for you. (Batman) Oracle, I need to know where those tanks are coming from. (Oracle) I’m tracking several transport helicopters moving into the city.

(Batman) Activate the Batmobile weapon diagnostics. (menacingly) It’s time to go to war. Dun, dun, duuuuh!

One man… versus a whole army. That’s it? You making me stop right there? It’s so thrilling and so suspenseful.

It was fun because all the graphics were cool and there was a definite plot. The combat is super smooth, the vehicle– oh, love them! Love the Batmobile. Is Arkham Knight the best game ever made? Is it– yes, it’s like the best game ever made right now. Dang, Batman.

Flying through the air, huge open world, great graphics, beating up bad guys, using the Batmobile. I could just go on. And that was just the beginning! Like, oh my gosh. It was just so perfect.

Thanks for watching us play Batman: Arkham Knight on the React channel. Sound off in the comments what games you want us to try next. Subscribe for new gaming episodes every week. (as Batman) Bye!

(as Batman) It’s time to go to war. Batclaw. (imitates grappling hook) ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪