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$1,000,000 Guaranteed @ The Venetian

The Venetian $ 1,100 summer saver flight 1b $ 1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool 20,000 starting chips for looking to bag 200,000, get out of here at midnight, come back for day 2 and close this tournament out enough bad luck this summer. It’S time for the good luck to be on my side with blinds at 100 200 with a 25 ante under the gun, makes it 500. We have a fresh 20,000 stag and pocket eights under the gun, plus once we put in the call button calls and the big blind calls. The five comes. Eight eight deuce two spades.

That’S right! We flopped quads. Luckily, there’s a flush draw out there, or else I don’t think we’re going to get much action unless someone has a big pair under the gun checks after the big wine checks. I check in the button bets 1500 big blind calls under the gun polls.

Don’T think there’s much merit in raising here, so we just put in the https://uscasinosguide.com/casino-bonus-codes/. The turn is the queen of diamonds, big blind checks, and I don’t want the button to be scared of an eight. I don’t want him to check back. I want to keep building this pot, so I’m gon na lead 2,500, hopefully get value from all flush draws and two pair of combos. The button folds in the big blind, folds minimal value with quads, with blinds at 100 200 with the 25 ANSI action folds to middle position, an Asian male who is very tilted from for betting East Jack and getting it in on eight seven. Seven board few hands.

Previous, so he makes it seven hundred I’m on the button with pocket sevens no root. No reason to raise we put in the call Andrew heads up. Flop comes East, nine seven, he bets 700. These two hearts on the board, so I don’t think he’s ever folding an ace and he seems real tilted. So we want to put some money in the pot.

We don’t walk top hair second pair, so he raised to 2100. He quickly makes it 6800. Is this a set over set situation? I don’t think so. We don’t want to bulk them off the hand we don’t want to put in another raise here. So we’re gon na call in position and let him barrel if he’s got his beat he’s got his beat.

However, the board runs out we’re calling him down. We put in the call. The turn is the off suit king and he bets 9,000 I’ve about 15,000 total good show, but we’re gon na keep giving them some slack to hopefully walk us off our alleged flush draw or straight draw. I put in the call before the river comes. He says I’m all in dark, no heart he’s putting this on the flush draw. The river is a brick I call, and he shows Kington offsuit set of sevens is good around second break with almost 50,000 chips me, let’s go a pretty uneventful.

Two hours picked up, pocket Kings raised it up, but everyone folded and that’s about it. I did 3bet ace jack-off once and they folded 44,000 going to 500 1000 run, dare break with blinds at 1,000 mm. This is the first hand back from dinner, I’m under the gun plus 2 with 9 8 of diamonds.

I think it’s a good time to open up my range, so I make it 4,500 action folds to the small blind who shoves all in for 18,700. The big blind has 17,000 in he shoves all in I’m, getting a very good price to gamble against two shorter stacks. If I call it lose I’ll have 34,000.

If I call in way and I’ll have 90,000, so we do a little math try to figure out some reasonable ranges. If we put in the call original shelter has a screen of diamonds. Second player has pocket nines, probably the two worst hands. I can possibly be up against.

I have around 10 % equity. The flop comes east, Queen Jack turn as a king, the burgers a deuce we know 32,000 here are some other scenarios with the appropriate equities with blind sets. 1224 hundred maniac opens to 5,000 we’re in the small blind with ace king and thirty-one thousand, so we shove all in he puts in the call with ace Queen clop comes King, High King on the turn, and we double.

We now have sixty six thousand with blinds at 1224 hundred four hundred aunty his last hand to level 40 minutes remain in the night, I’m in a middle position with ace king big, blinds, real sticky and a good player. So I up my sizing to 2.5. I make it six thousand off of an 80 mm chip stack action folds to European in the low Jack who goes into the tank and shoves all in for 27,000 action folds to the button, the crazy maniac who three about the king six earlier. He thinks and thinks and he shoves all in for ninety five thousand actions back to me, and I have a decision.

Can I put them on a mid pair in an ace? Can I put them on also ace, king and a pair? How am i doing versus their ranges and the stronger range of the over shopper who has be covered?

Considering the aggressive guys past, I think we have to gamble. I’M putting it in original chauffeur has pocket Kings. Maniac has ace Queen. The flop comes ace high. We hit our miracle, we’re now playing for almost a two hundred thousand chip pot and here’s the run-up, and I am out of the Venetian 1100 summer savor my summer is not to be saved.

The pain continues thanks for watching, see you guys next time.