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Live Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a game of finite numbers of situations that can occur. Some of them are obvious, but unless you are extraordinarily smart, you will need some explanation on how to play it properly. Lucky for you, there are plenty of tips and strategies all over the Internet, teaching you how to play based on your hand and the dealer’s visible card. Playing live dealer games allows you having these tips and charts in front of you at all times, which gives you a slight advantage and a high chance of winning. Moreover, if you play your cards right, you can substantially reduce the house edge down to 0.5%. Here are some things that need to be considered in a blackjack game.

Hit until Hard 17. If the dealer’s visible card is a 9 or higher, you need to hit until you have at least a hard 17.Stand on hard 12 and above. If the dealer’s upper card is between 4 and 6, he is at the weakest point. Remember that you can double down with A-4 or better every time.Double down. If the dealer’s visible card is a 9 or lower, double down with 10 or better.Split Aces and 8’s – No matter what the visible card of the dealer is, you should split these.

Even though it is possible to play blackjack based on your memory of the strategy, it is highly recommended to have a blackjack strategy card along with your game. Based on your score and the dealer’s visible card, you will be able to make your move faster – the strategy card will tell you what to do. For instance, if your hand is a 16 and the dealer’s card is 6, the card will show that you need to stay. These cards are legal and allowed to be used – they can be bought within casinos or can be downloaded on the Internet.

Whenever you choose a blackjack table to play at, make sure it offers 3:2 payouts and that the dealer has to stand on a soft 17. These are the 2 most important and common rules that can lower the house edge for you. Make sure you don’t settle with a casino that doesn’t offer that – the house edge can get as high as 1.8%. Also, watch for the table limits. If these are too high, you are exposed to the danger of losing your bankroll in a matter of minutes. This is especially important if you’re a new player with little experience in the field. Consider starting to play for free just to get acquainted with the rules.

A simple and well-known blackjack betting system is the Paroli one. It offers a great potential to win great sums. If the Martingale system is familiar to you, you will definitely have no problem learning Paroli. Basically, it is a positive progression betting system where the bet needs to be doubled following every win. For instance, you place a bet of $5 and you win it. This means you need to wager $10 the next time and assuming you win this bet too, the following one would be $20. What you need to consider though is setting a win limit, since doubling your bets after wins can be painful if you eventually lose a hand. Once you set this limit and reach it, drop down back to the original amount of money you wagered in the beginning. The system is perfect for plenty of short-term winnings and lots of fun along the way.