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The State of Movement Shooters Game

Sergeant Johnson: “You beat the Halo demo.” “Not bad, soldier, not bad at all.” “BUT ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP?!” “In the FULL version of Halo?” The Halo: Combat Evolved trial is something I used to play every day after school with my older brother. Blood Gulch was the only multiplayer map, […]

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Crossout Show: Raiderjutsu

We discovered that there is a group of players inspired by a Mexican holiday: Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead and they established some sort of a cult, worshipping the fallen raiders. Soon we managed to establish contact with the cult’s leader DjNexa and asked him about the rides that his flock is […]

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Are video games actually good for you?

It’s the final boss fight, I’m gonna get him this time. Charging my laser, boom! Barrel roll! Oh, I got him, legendary loot. Oh, I didn’t see you all there. Since I was young, my granny has always been telling me to “never sit too close to the TV or the computer” or else my […]

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Sonic Branding Solutions Acquires Premier Mobile Application Developer DeviceIQr

Acquisition Expands Porting and Development Technologies and adds Key Personnel NEW YORK, June 5 /PRNewswire/ — Sonic Branding Solutions (Sonic), a leading mobile entertainment developer and publisher, announced today it has acquired New York based DeviceIQ, Inc. DeviceIQ is a full service mobile technology R&D; firm, application developer and porting provider to developers and publishers […]

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