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Bangkok to Singapore by Train

Anyway today I wanted to take you on a very different rail journey. We took a train a few months ago from Thailand across the border into Malaysia and Singapore and hopefully it was a fun video to watch. Going to be a fairly long one, kick back, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, whatever beverage you like and join us on the trip from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. Now a pretty exciting day or evening it’s about 6:30 in the evening.

We want to make a little trip and visit a couple of casinos, we heard about playamo casino sg so we are getting a train to Singapore,  a sleeper train all the way down to the border with Thailand and Malaysia, then we’re getting another train up into Kuala Lumpur and Singapore one of the reasons I’m quite excited is, we’ve been on many trains, even sleeper trains in Thailand but tonight we’ve actually got a first-class sleeper. So it’s going to be interesting to compare it to some of the earlier sleepers we’ve done. It’s a very difficult route by the way to get first-class sleepers on because it’s a very popular route and we’ve had to book almost two weeks in advance. You can actually look, I think the name of the website is a passenger on seats 63, it’s a fantastic website and it’s got so much information about travelling by train all over the world, so check that out. As I say we are going on the sleeper train, we’ve managed to get first-class, it sounds very grand but I’m hoping it’s going to be a little more pleasant than the second class, although second-class sleepers are fantastic in Thailand as well, so join me today for this journey.

Michele is actually over there on the station at the moment and I’m really looking forward to it so come along we’re off to Singapore. So we have arrived on the train it’s all set there’s just one carriage at the back here of first-class cabins, so I’ll take you on a little tour around them. They look really nice, how are you?

We’re really impressed, this is a beautiful train, I mean it’s only six months old but it is absolutely gorgeous. We’ve got a cabin here, there’s a little TV screen It tells you whether the showers or the bathrooms are free. They’ve got electric sockets in here so you can plug in your laptop, there’s two or three tables as well, we’ve got a bed up and down, like a little bunk bed, about the same size. You pay a little bit more I think for the bottom one than you do for the top one or you can actually pay for this room for yourself, you can just have it by for one person and you pay a little extra.

You have to pay, is it eighteen hundred bucks we think it’s about eighteen hundred but maybe two thousand baht and you can reserve this. So there’s only one first-class carriage on the whole of the train, the rest of it is second-class but they’re beautiful as well. They’re actually a lot nicer than the second-class sleepers that we used to travel on in Thailand, so worth checking out but we’ve lucked out, we’ve got ourselves the first class of sleepers and I’m really impressed so far. I love love love traveling on trains. There’s a little table here I think it folds down, does it fold down?

we won’t be able to fold it down we’ve got too much baggage. There’s a little armrest here which folds down, then in the daytime they’ll make these up into nice seats. We’ve got a little mirror, a little wash-hand basin here, some little bars of soap. There’s a little cabinet here and inside there are two complimentary bottles of water and some glasses. There’s another little compartment up there where I’ve stored my my guitar.

hello Sawadikap Nice tidy bathrooms, little toilets here, so it’s actually got a little shower in here as well, little hot water shower so you can have a fresh clean up in the morning. Now here is a room that’s not been made up yet, so they’ve got the the bedding and these are still in the seat formation. So you can see the actual top bed there is being folded away. I’ll just come inside so you can actually see what it looks like.So there’s the little steps that will take you up to this top bunk here. I’m very impressed with this first-class carriage, it’s a great improvement on the old rolling stock that they had here in Thailand. I think they’ve done a really good job.

So we’ve got 12 hours now before we get to our next destination, which is down by the Malay border and then we’ve got to actually change because this particular carriage doesn’t go all the way down to Singapore it stops an hour or so short. We’re going to have to change, wait about 45 minutes to change to the next train. There’s these little steps here for getting up to the top bunk. Now I’m going to take a walk through the second class carriages down here, these are second class sleepers I’ll just show you just how nice they are as well. I smell food Sawadikap ……. Man this thing is huge I can probably see another four or five down this way so I’m not going to go the whole way down They looked to be second-class sleepers all the way down through I think wow doors upon doors excuse me So back up all the way through the canteen car so we’ve got a canteen car or a kitchen car which again is really nice.

Sawadikap What time do you open in the morning? What time? 5:00 yeah hâa (5) hello chef chef one chef two thank you was it so 60 baht for fried rice actually is not bad and what I’ve seen back there looks pretty good Good morning everybody… oh dear look at this beautiful out there well was beautiful out there. So we’ve just ordered a cappuccino coffee for the morning, I just pressed submit and it says your order is being processed one cappuccino 50 baht.

Good morning everybody … oh excuse me What? For what? …. it’s arrived a little bit early we got up about than an hour before but it’s arriving maybe about 15 20 minutes earlier than we expected. So good morning everybody and a quick freshen up. we’ve got the sink n the background so you can brush your teeth and I’ve just ordered as you see a cappuccino on the machine here behind us and let’s see how that works. So did we sleep well on the train, well not too bad as the beds are a little bit a little bit brick hard, a little bit firm and he is a little cooler than it should be but it’s not as cold as the old trains.

The old trains they used to be like refrigeration you had to put layers of clothing on through the night so thats a better thing. Very nice trains, very comfortable and very efficient from what I can see so far. Let’s see how the coffee …..Micele’s down there I hope you can hear me, we’re heading down to get to Padang Besar, to the border with Singapore. Got all these hawkers oh chicken….. fried chicken Sawadikap Now I’ve got to find where to buy a ticket from. Information counter Good morning Sawadikap I get a ticket… buy ticket here?

Out here okay so we need a ticket now to the border crossing Padang Besar yeah next one, yes please – two tickets, thank you, yep yep number three, thank you, kob khun krup. So remember you’re going to need some identification doesn’t have to actually be a passport, I used my driver’s license. We have two tickets, they’re seventy baht each to Padang Besar, to the border crossing, where you will need of course your passport to get over, as the lady reminded me. So it’s 7:30, we’ve got about 45 minutes to wait for the next train and this by the way is our new train that we just came in on. Now just remembered I didn’t get my coffee, they didn’t deliver the coffee at all so I will have to rectify that later. Didn’t get my coffee, so this one here is the first-class carriage and there’s only one of those on the whole train it’s quite a length of Train.

So what would I say, is it worth the first class sleeper? Look if you’ve been to Thailand before and you’ve traveled on the second class sleepers before…. yes it’s absolutely worth it but if you’ve never been on a train here, an overnight train in Thailand, don’t go on the first class, go on the second class, they are absolutely fantastic and I would even say if you’re traveling, as we did many years ago with children, that it would be more fun to be on the second class sleepers but if you’ve done it many times, this first class is a lot of fun. It’s not that much more expensive, it worked out about, I think about a hundred dollars, thats your overnight sleeping and your trips.

oh yeah thumbs up to the overnight first class from Bangkok to Hat Yai. Sawadikap how are you? So I find myself a little coffee store just outside of the station here normal yeah yeah yeah kob khun krup so Starbucks its not but…. it’ll do the job tao-rai krap?

So I found that little coffee place, just opposite the station Starbucks it’s not but it’s a bit of caffeine in the morning. Look at this….. there’s a….. right opposite the station is this little tiny little hotel it’s like a railway railway station hotel and there’s the station just there…. that’s pretty handy oh I just dipped in in time and this is tricky carrying two hot coffees. There’s a train coming in behind me. So we got on the the last train to Padang Besar, they couldn’t open the door. So we had a hell of a job getting on ….the door….. the door to the actual carriage of the train was broken yes so this door here was busted.

Not for love nor money could they get that switched on. excuse me, sorry. Okay so when you get off the train here, right next to the station where you stop is the immigration. Has a queue here, there is no queuing everyone’s just pushing in and then you’re going to go through, it’s very close just through here to the immigration.

Not a lot of information about this crossing so I thought I might put some out there. Passport control it’s not a big queue, probably there’s two lines here, one for local Malay passports, one for foreign passports and it’s only about six people long. cooking …. we’re chefs, cooking chef yeah for the hotel…. chef coat let them do what they want.

Now just upstairs after you come through the immigration, you can get your ticket here and I’ll check out that now, a little bit flustered. So do remember when you get through the other side you’re going to have to get your ticket, we had to get our ticket to get on to Kuala Lumpur and it’s fairly expensive, it’s not as cheap as I thought it’s 102 Ringgits each. I didn’t have enough money but they do let you pay in Thai Baht, beware the exchange rate is cripplingly bad so remember that. I did a combination of Malaysian Ringgit and Thai Baht.

Our train is still three hours so we’re going to have a long wait for this…. plenty of places here you can sit, chill, have a cup of coffee or a little bit to eat and then we’re off……I think it’s a five or six hour journey up to Kuala lumper, so we’ll be pretty tired by the time we get to the end but as you can see it’s….. there are reasons we’ve done it this way around. Actually going from where we were in Thailand up to Bangkok and getting the flights down would have been just as arduous, so this has actually been quite…. quite an adventure. The worst thing so far is those little Jobs Worth’s down in the immigration, that just decided to use us as an example and we’ve got a lot of baggage, a lot of cooking equipment with us so they went through everything, which was just a bit of a pain but just grin and bear it, take care. Now I just wanted to share with you the Malaysian train system.

You’ve got here in Singapore some of the best trains in Southeast Asia, I think. This one’s, it’s really nice, it’s not as modern as the last one I went on but it’s still outstanding for the area. Super clean, it’s a bullet style train, you have a look what I mean. So it’s just this bullet style, they get up to I think 160 kilometers an hour, the electronic doors, all the seats, beautiful cool air conditioning, there’s only Michele and I in here at the moment. So I can film freely, say hello, and the bathrooms, the bathrooms are pretty tidy. Just give you a quick look inside there.

Pretty modern, modern style toilets they have, the ones we had the last time had like motion sensor on the taps, this one’s actually got a press tap. We’ve met a young guy from Denmark and he’s on the train as well, it’s his first time in Singapore. Just pop down see if I can see, he’s right at the front of the train, these trains are not that long.