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All Sports Golf Battle 3

We are in the great state of Missouri at the wonderful Bass Pro Shops mountain top golf course we decided to add a little bit Of an outdoor theme to the Golf Bags bow-and-arrow canoe paddle putter clay pigeon launcher racquetball disc golf should be a good time See you guys out on the course Wise man once said you’re gonna spend a lot of money on a driver gotta let the big dog eat. In that case, It might be in the rough stuff like you’re not hitting off the ground yes I forgot my golf bag at home.

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The good news is once we use it. We lose it. So unlike normal golf I’m gonna be looking for a lot of strokes I will be going with a vortex throw hoping to carry that sucker right into the fairway Not the play tell you right now starting off with bow and arrow You gotta let him get excited when he can great job Cor I decided to go vortex mostly because it makes a nice whistling noise We’ll meet you up there, how do I forget my bag This moment for Corey is gonna be one humbling moment one great thing about having things on camera Is you can always replay them as many times as you want cue Corey thinking he outdrove me You did outdrive me yeah, I did like checking on Cody does Committee out here thought a outdrove Tyler actually I out drove no one Let the big dog eat I Got some bad news guys I’m the man that just nearly had a whiff alert on a sport that I’m all too familiar with I’ve been here before. I know that’s not a place you wanna be.

But look, I mean that the best possible you’re golden don’t tell the rest of the guys I did this how long You got I got this weird thing, we’re like every other shot it’s me I’m in a bad place. I’m in a bad bad place right now I’m good with that guys going controversial move here. Skeet tosser I’ve got a really rough bounce with my rugby ball. I’m gonna go with the frisbee from here Strategies out the window really wanted to save this for the second hole I got to put this close and step up and sink a putt Red golf ball time putting is not a strength of mine, especially with the paddle All right, if I want a shot at the next round I really got to put this in Yeah, I’m just saying there’s a chance, okay, so Coby has to make it I’m up, I chose to go racquetball. I Played t-ball not baseball see what happens Think I might be in a cave. We just filmed with the FT soccer guys, so guys don’t judge me i’m about the toe poke this Really just had to claw my way to round 2, I’ve only got three items left.

I’m going soccer Dang it was not the outcome we wanted I went right up into the canyon. Oh, that’s dumb look Pretty sure the pin is this way You normally can’t make it out of that with the golf club and there we are okay, not bad. Oh Okay Definitely thought it was a snake. It’s just a turtle, huh?

Okay, we’re good. This is spot. He’s a good buddy of mine He just likes to sneak up on me more playing out here. So Ellen it’s over A little harder than I wanted Alright, here’s where we had the clay break.

We’ve got our closest piece up here on the green Roby ball rolled a little further than I wanted. Let’s make a putt Combo not a good putter – real golf to add a paddle and it’s just it’s gotten ugly cooks And the finale is set us three are headed to a pristine course known as bass pro’s top of the rock Let’s have some fun in the bags reset. Let’s get going. Whoa Here we are at the beautiful Bass Pro Shops top of the rock golf course as you guys can see we’ve added a new item We’ve each got a fishing pole any questions, where’s the tee box?

And what’s the course record? Sup guys tie here at finale. I think I’m gonna play it safe here. I’ll be going racquetball I think I’m gonna go soccer ball I feel like I owe it to myself and the baseball world for a little redemption Really quickly cue the soccer shot you had from the first all sports golf battle Wait where you go that happened there?

Yeah, and then just cue me holding up the trophy. Ooh, you don’t breed that How nice yeah Yeah How’s it going guys on the podium just out here hanging with the boys playing some all sports golf It’s a fun day got under it a little bit advance the ball. That was the goal I’m tempted to go bow, but I think I’m gonna go racquetball In the sand I’ll take that in a sense think I’m also gonna take a racquetball here. My plays are limited Bow and arrow time Well take it fishing pole. Here we go.

Here. We are shot number three fishing pole shot So apparently the line was tangled around the end of my pole guys what hurts is I’m a fisherman. Yeah I know it doesn’t look like it out here But I guess I’m throwing a vortex now or something fourth shot hurts to even say that Unlike Ty & Cody I don’t like the beach and I’m not a fisherman. Yeah, it should be fun To be honest, I did not see that coming out of that man I’m going to have to have a cast of a lifetime to get this thing into extras here goes nothing I’ve flicked that sucker about ten feet behind the pin Into a sand trap not good on behalf of me and Cods. I would just like to apologize to all fishermen out there guys We’re better than that. okay.

I brought that’s not a good representation of us. Cue the fishing photos. Yeah, absolutely Better than that, I’m just so disappointed Ladies and gentlemen garrett hilbert 5-footer for the win if he puts this in me and Cody’s putts don’t even matter He’s taking it all home. He’s the winner first place numero. Uno number one the Bessie ADP ASAP No, I get it That’s what I’m talking about ladies and gentlemen back to back all sport golf wins, no you won.

Oh I I want you to present me my trophy As always it is now my honor or my pleasure or my enjoyment But it is my duty to present Garret Hilbert this incredible trophy. Well done Garr by the way super heavy That’s a real rock on top. I’m going to set that down then a gold nugget fool’s gold. Yeah Wow Anyway, thanks for watching guys. If you’re not already, dude, perfect subscriber click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos special thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for making this video possible You guys got to get out here to Missouri to check out all the Bass Pro golf courses unbelievable Click here to learn more at big cedar Golf Also, if you want to see the last video click down here sign it off for now pound it noggin.